Mai K. Nguyen

Hired Client Report

Hired’s Account Managers email their subscription clients on a weekly to monthly basis with a report of how their organization is performing on the platform and what actions they could take to fill their open positions faster.



The current process is very tedious and inefficient—the account manager spends at least 3 hours bi-weekly generating a report, filtering it by client, and manually updating individual google spreadsheets to share with clients. It’s clearly not a scalable process as we move to a more subscription-focused platform. What can we do to improve our account managers’ workflow and give even greater visibility to our clients?


After talking to our account managers and having them walk us through their workflow, we had a clear idea of the types of data points they shared with their subscription clients. We quickly realized what was missing—a client-facing interface showcasing these numbers in a way that made them quick to digest and easily actionable with minimal hand-holding from our account managers.


We put together a quick prototype with tables listing key metrics that are crucial for hiring managers to track their team’s progress in reaching their hiring goals. We focused on displaying the data in an intuitive layout that showcases a clear view of the client’s hiring performance.

A component I struggled with was the "candidates in pipeline" area. It shows a list of candidates and which process they are currently in in the hiring pipeline. It became difficult to define the scope of the usability of this component itself— how much can users control and change the status from here? Is this just a report or do we want to add more functionalirty? If so, how does that fit in the hierachy of the platform itself? Do users want that level of control in this view in the first place? We decided to validate this in the testing sessions to follow. 


The prototype was shared with four Hired subscription clients who fit the “Head of Recruitment” persona. These are the people who want to make sure that Hired is helping them reach their hiring goals. Some key insights gathered from these testing sessions include: 

  • Users were confused with the taxonomy and abbreviations.

  • Users hardly navigate to the pipeline tab, and see no use for the current pipeline. The information is too broad—they find these reports beneficial because they can get granular performance data for a specific time range. We handed this piece off to the Client product team, as they already had a similar feature in the works. 

  • Users were very excited to see a pie chart visualization of reasons why candidates declined interview requests.

V1 Design

Feedback from both account managers and clients have been very positive. Subscription reports enable a more streamlined process for account managers while allowing full visibility of key metrics for subscription clients, reinforcing the value of Hired as a necessary internal recruitment tool. It lays down the framework for a more scalable subscription-based business model for our platform.