Mai K. Nguyen

Compete to Reduce Chesapeake


Compete to Reduce Chesapeake

Compete to Reduce Chesapeake was a 3-week electricity reduction competition held amongst K-12 schools in the Chesapeake region. Schools were given free access to BuildingOS to track their competition standings, winning strategies, and electricity use.

As the visual designer and illustrator at Lucid, I was tasked to create a simple identity for the Compete to Reduce Chesapeake competition that could be expanded to various print and digital collateral. We wanted a fun and spirited look to encourage students, faculty, and administrators to work together in reducing their daily electricity use.


Logo ideation

I designed a custom emblem to bring unity throughout the different print and digital collateral needed for this competition. My initial sketches were much more energy and resource based, but we eventually settled on a more region specific emblem to create a truly unique competition experience


Student participation was crucial for a successful competition. It was a key activity in teaching accountability, collaboration, and the positive environmental impact of small actions. To appeal to students of all ages, I introduced a cheery set of illustrations with a colorful palette and simple shapes.


Key information about how to conduct a successful competition was made available on the website. It was important that the site carried a familiar look while breaking up all the information into well organized and engaging pieces.